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Small Gifts for Every Occasion

Glowing greens, pale pastels and bright floral blooms: our collection of little spring gifts was curated to help you master the art of gifting this season.

Glowing greens, pale pastels and bright floral blooms: here’s how to gift this spring.

A beautiful spring awakening!

The bright rays of sunshine are back. It’s time to embrace spring with all our senses. To turn our faces to the light, breathe in the scent of freshly mown grass and feel the warm blossom-tinged breezes tickle our skin.

There are countless things that make spring the most wonderful season of the year. Longer days, warmer temperatures, a renewed sense of energy. And plenty to celebrate: Whether Mother’s Day, your best friend’s birthday or a housewarming celebration, now’s the time to stock up on fun gifts for your favourite people.

Leave the chocolate gifts to others and have fun selecting special, little presents that will continue to delight over and over again. We’ve got you covered with spring-inspired art and accessories. Bring that fresh feeling inside with flowery décor, brightly coloured stationery and stylish pastel posters.

Small gifts that soar

The first rays of warm sunshine give us a taste of the summer months to come, where life in all its forms takes place under the wide open sky. We meet friends for a barbecue or picnic at the park, take our places at café tables on the pavement, or perch on the balcony, and enjoy our first canal-side beers without staving off shivers.

The scent of freshly cut flowers tinges the air. It smells and tastes like freedom—a sense that lures not only us humans outside. Suddenly it’s the chirping of birds, not our alarm clocks, that awakens us each morning. Flocks of our feathered friends are back in town, once again taking up their perches on branches, preparing themselves for potential nesting partners. Lush forests and green meadows become playgrounds for butterflies, beetles and bees.

The hustle and bustle of these wonderful winged creatures has inspired our curators to pull together this fun collection of little spring-inspired presents. Browse their picks and let your imagination take to the skies.

Greener(y) gifting

Swap the greys of the concrete jungle for luscious shades of green—even for a day—and notice how your mood changes. The power that nature has on our wellbeing and state of mind is undeniable: no wonder 'Greenery' was named Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year.

We’re inspired by everything that makes us feel like we’re surrounded by nature, even when we can’t physically be in it. Like organic fibres and breathable materials, botanical print cushions and colourful leaf-patterns that transforms our living rooms into cosy jungles.

To be surrounded by Green(ery) is to feel good. To breathe deeper. To get closer to nature. That’s a feeling too good to keep to ourselves. Our curated collection of small gifts includes something for everyone. Fun birthday presents, thoughtful housewarming gifts or surprise treats just because—when gifted, this shade of green is guaranteed to brighten up someone’s day.