Juniqe SHARE Scandinavia Art Book

About the art book SHARE Scandinavia

For our very first art book, we collaborated with the Swedish publishing house New Heroes & Pioneers to curate a collection of 50 Scandinavian inspired works of art. The perforated pages enable you to remove each print from the coffee table book’s binding with ease. They are then ready to take on a new life, be it on your walls or those of your loved ones. We are proud that the book features artwork by some of our favourite JUNIQE artists.

Scandinavian inspiration

This collection artfully reflects the essence of Scandinavia. Mythical landscapes, renowned design traditions and long summer nights - each of the artists interprets the theme in his or her own way. Featuring everything from photography to illustrations, from graphic designs to collages, the prints differ greatly from one another in medium and style. Some of the artists are Scandinavian while others are either frequent explorers of Nordic terrains or enthusiasts for the region’s minimalist aesthetic. With this art book you will embark on a journey of discovery. As you explore the many facets of these Scandinavian-themed designs, we hope you enjoy using your favourite prints to create your very own gallery wall.

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